Here are some answers to any questions you might have :

Question : How do I place an order?
Answer : To do so, simply click on "Order Form". You will be directed to an order form page where you can fill in your details and item purchase.

Question : I accidentally sent in an order, how do I cancel it?
Orders sent in are final, but if yours is accidental, please email us within 2 days to cancel your order.

Question : What is the "Review" page for?
Answer : If you have any comments on the products you've purchased, feel free to use it and send us what you think.

Question : How can I check if you've received my order?
Answer : After we've received your order, we will send you a confirmation email together with our bank account details within 10 hours. But you can always email us if you're a little anxious about it.

Question : How long do you take to process an order?
Answer : We will process your order as soon as we've received it, but will only send your items to you on the following Thursday.

Question : How long can you reserve an item for me?
Answer : We reserve items for only a maximum of 3 days. Payment should be made within that time period or your reservation would be cancelled. Sorry!

Question : How do I know what my wrist measurements are?
Answer : Your wrist measurements is the circumference of your wrist. Wrap a piece of paper around your wrist and mark the spot where the two ends meet. Measure it, and that will be your wrist measurements. Simply add 1.5 - 2 cm (depending on how loose you want the bracelet to be) to it and that will be the length of the bracelet.